A short note to the Visengrad countries

I really do not wish to use the cover of my anonymity to insult entire nations and their representatives, my anger notwithstanding. All I want to tell them is this:  What has happened to you? For you were brave once and I can even put dates to it: 1956 for Hungary (the date of Imre Nagy’ ascension to power and the tanks rolling in), July 1968 for the (then) Czechoslovakia (“The two thousand words” manifesto and the Prague Spring), and 1943 for Poland (the Warsaw ghetto uprising). So don’t let your leaders, the Viktor Orbans of this world, sell you so short in the much easier fight (given what you did back then) that we now face in Europe. We know you can do much better. Finally, if you decide not to join, at least please spare the rest of us any high-minded talk about defending European Civilization.